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Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm Submits Offshore and Offshore EIA Scoping Reports

We are pleased to announce that Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm, a joint venture between Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall, has reached an important project milestone with submission of the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Reports to the planning authorities for the offshore and onshore elements of the project, Marine Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council.

This is the first formal submission in the EIA process. The reports provide stakeholders with information on the project and an opportunity to engage with and feedback on the proposed development plans.

The reports set out all the project’s possible impacts, specifically identifying the crucial and significant impacts which will be dealt with through the EIA process. At this early stage, the project description remains indicative and will be refined following ongoing surveys, engineering studies and discussions with stakeholders.

Once fully commissioned, the floating Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm could generate up to one Gigawatt (GW) of renewable electricity, enough to power the equivalent of more than 800,00 Scottish homes.

The project team and shareholders are committed to close collaboration with stakeholders, communities, industry and supply chain, particularly around minimising potential environmental impacts and maximising economic development opportunities for local communities.

The Muir Mhòr Scoping Reports and appendices can be accessed and downloaded on from our document library or from the Marine Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council websites.

The project team is keen to have close and active consultation with stakeholders. If you wish to submit comments through the formal scoping processes, please send your comments directly to Marine Scotland for offshore or Aberdeenshire Council for onshore.

In the meantime, if you wish to provide comments regarding the proposal to the project team directly, please address them to