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Scotwind-winning Muir Mhòr project awards over £3 million to Scottish suppliers in development contracts

Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall joint venture signals support for Scottish renewable expertise in development of Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm 

The Scotwind-winning joint venture partners behind the Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm project have awarded over £3 million in development contracts with Scottish-based suppliers. 

The £3 million milestone comes as Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm announces the appointment of Glasgow-based GoBe Consultants Ltd, part of the Apem Group, to deliver the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposal. GoBe will undertake the Habitats Regulation Assessment as well as the EIA, whilst being supported by Land Use Consultants’ Scottish Planning team for the onshore elements of the project. 

Having been awarded seabed rights in Lot 5 of the recent ScotWind auction, the joint venture partners are bringing forward plans for a floating offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland. Combining decades of industry experience, it is intended that the Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm project provides tangible benefits to local communities as well as investment in the Scottish supply chain, with detailed analysis now underway to select a foundation design and floating turbine appropriate for the site conditions and fit for the local supply chain. 

A further £5 million of contracts are currently under procurement as Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall progress the plans for Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm, with preparation of the EIA Scoping Report and baseline assessment work currently underway. 

Dr Carolyn Heeps, Project Director for Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm, said:

“I am delighted to have appointed GoBe to undertake this vital workstream for the Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm project. GoBe has a strong and experienced team who have delivered 30GW of offshore wind projects in Scottish waters to date. 

“It is great news that in as little as five months, the Muir Mhòr project team has already awarded in excess of £3 million in contracts to Scottish-based companies. ScotWind represents a major investment in Scotland’s green energy future, and we are determined that our delivery of Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm supports Scottish industry and stimulates growth in the green economy. 

“I look forward to working with GoBe to progress the Muir Mhòr floating offshore project, which will lead the energy transition and secure Scotland’s energy future whilst delivering tangible benefits for the local and national economy.“

Steve Bellew, Director at GoBe, said:

“We are delighted to be appointed to support the Muir Mhòr project team on this exciting Scotwind project, helping to deliver on the Scottish Government’s ambitious targets and continuing our market leading position in the Scottish offshore wind farm market delivering commercially optimal and timely consenting services.”

Maeve Fryday, Director of Environmental Planning at LUC, said:

“LUC is thrilled to be part of the team supporting Fred. Olsen Seawind and Vattenfall in the development of the Muir Mhòr Offshore Wind Farm project. The project will allow us to draw on our extensive experience in delivery of environmental support to renewable energy and transmission projects in Scotland, to deliver the onshore components of the project.”